The Domaine

Domaine Jean-Luc Maldant, Chorey lès Beaune

At the end of the 19th century, at the instigation of Jean Pauvelot, the first, they will be 3 to succeed at the head of the Domaine Maldant Pauvelot: the agricultural activity turned every year more to the vine growing.

Jean Pauvelot, 2nd, was the first to sell wine into bottles, pulling in his trail a lot of his wine growers’ companions.

In the late 40’s, Hubert Maldant from the village of Ladoix, married the daughter of Jean Pauvelot, Madeleine, and brought into the Domaine some vines from Aloxe Corton and Ladoix.He built the winery and the cellar.

Domaine Jean-Luc Maldant, Chorey lès Beaune

Jean Ernest Maldant, their son, developed the Domaine fame and the surface. The sale to the individual customers became so important that he built the wine tasting cellar.

Today, the Domaine is based on around 18 hectares. It is run by Jean Luc, son of Jean Ernest, eponym founder of the Domaine and trade mark, and Arnauld Jobard, partner. The domain settles down in the quality of its products, sold into many wine retailers and served on the most beautiful tables of France.

Our Wines

Sense of the Detail

Very well made wines and very well dressed...

The difference between a good wine and a great wine is a multitude of small details where fate does not have its place.

When you are lucky enough to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the most beautiful terroirs of the world, you have the mission to transcend them that is our everyday work.

The bottle

The ‘Burgonde’ bottle is made from a former shape with rough edges, deformed ring, streaks and convex ‘stomach’.

The deep punt will concentrate ageing sediments.

Its weight is an advantage too, protecting the wine from temperature differences, a guarantee for ageing qualities.

The cork

Top quality cork 49x24, with marking on the fire.

Marking with the name of Domaine, vintage on top, and on the body, you will find the complete date of bottling (day-month-year).

Each cork is distributed one by one, by hand for an easy reading.


Compulsory mentions are on the legislative label (back label).

Numbering of each bottle, with a determined number of bottles for each cuvee.

The Cover

It will protect from lights and dust.

It guarantees from the alteration of the label and a better adjustment in the wooden box

The wooden box

It guarantees transport and storage of the wines, holding on by a particular adjustment, preserves from tears of the label.

A mortise on the top will help to open the box.

Two flamed parts.

The Tool

By putting into the mortise, it allows an easy opening without tearing labels.

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