Our Cultural Requirements

We embraced bio- advanced methods early on : this method is based on a global approach for production, transformation, management and distribution with the aim of looking for the most respectful techniques of the identity of the soil and its environment, and so as to supply to our customers a typical, unique and long-lasting product.

We are only ‘baton passers’, we try hard to assure the transmission of lands the future generations in the best possible conditions.

Everything in the domain is implemented to cultivate vines and credit note of grapes of very high quality, to develop wines of international fame.

We planted in our vines of rosaceae, such as peach tree, and buxacées, such as box tree, to recreate a housing environment for the auxiliary fauna.

The very important choice of our rootstocks will influence the biological properties of our soils. The plowings summer and winter will allow alive grounds : roots thus have to come down deep into the soil to extract the essence of it.

In terms of oenology, we try hard to use techniques of protection of the oxidation on a ripe, healthy grape, by using a minimum of sulfur and by occurring the least possible not to disrupt the soil of origin : well-kept grape harvest, converted into wine in temperature-controlled tanks, as well as maturing in 228 liter oak barrels in our stoned-cellars, are so many assets to allow our wines to ennoble in our clients' cellars.

Of a multitude of small details are born great wines...

Our choice for the machine, well then ?

Domaine Jean-Luc Maldant, Chorey lès BeauneHarvest the grapes by hand or with a machine: two different methods where the qualities and the defects of one part and another give a good place to the non-follower.

We shall not discriminate the manual grape harvest, we shall explain you simply what we do and what the machine brings us.

The control of the date of grapes harvest is a priority absolved for the elaboration of great wines today. Fragmented soils of Burgundy, very split, at different heights and planted in several years of gap complicates our task to obtain homogeneous maturities; the machine is adequate to this implementation. The freedom, the flexibility to harvest, being able to wait for better weather conditions, so many advantages that the machine allow us.

The sole machine is not a quality security, it is the work all around which makes the quality of the grape harvest :

  1. Common advantages for the red and white grapes :
    • The machine is equipped with embarked gas cylinders and a distribution system as to limit the oxidation of juices and berries.
    • Transportation of the harvest in small 1500 liter tanks, closed hermetically, under airless atmosphere, to avoid again oxidation during transport or wait during the work. We avoid deposits of outer elements and temperature peaks.
    • We use 6 containers for a fast and clean rotation.
    • Juices are extracted from the containers of transport to be cooled into refrigerating tanks.
  2. Red Grapes :
    • Grapes are sorted on a vibrating table which works under gas, berries fall into another small 400 liter container under protection, and are poured into a vat.
  3. White Grapes :
    • Grapes are poured into the press, which is locked into an airless cage, to preserve against oxidation of juices and aromas.

All these small details is the guarantee of the quality of our wines.

Maldant Grands Vins et Whisky

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